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Learn about Tantra and its connection to your:

- sexual

- creative and

- spiritual lives.

And how it can make your relationships better and even sacred.

Join me, Anne Bland, your Tantric Sex and Relationship Coach, public speaker, and the self-appointed leader of

“Selfishly Happy Revolution,” as I openly and whole-heartedly discuss my own Tantric Journey, share Tantric Tips, and invite others on the podcast.

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Latest Articles about Tantric Sex and Relatioships

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Tantric Path to Pleasure

August 12, 20237 min read

“Selfishly Happy Revolution doesn't start from the barricades and burning your bras. It starts from within, spreads to the loved ones and to the wider world. It's all about YOU.”

- Anne Bland

More Pleasure!

For some time, I had been dreaming about creating a podcast to share Tantric knowledge about sexuality and spirituality in an open and honest way to bring more pleasure, happiness and peace into people's bedrooms and lives.

As part of my mission to create a Selfishly Happy [Sexy] Revolution, I launched the Tantric Sex for Lovers and Others podcast at the beginning of 2023. 

You can listen to the short teaser here.


Invitation to Self-Discovery and Pleasure

Explicit talks about the Tantric path

In this explicit podcast, my guests and I share our personal journeys with Tantra and the role that Tantric practice plays in our lives. You will also find episodes packed with scientific facts and theory if this is more your mojo. If you feel like your sex life could be better or even more sacred, this show is for you!

You are welcome!

You can practice Tantra regardless of your gender, relationship status or your sexual identity. My aim is to be as inclusive as possible, and I do my best to use language that makes you all feel welcome and be part of this movement.

My own journey

Through practising Tantra over the last decades, I discovered the power of breath, the sacredness of sexuality, and the healing power of touch, and used this knowledge to cultivate ecstasy and pleasure in all areas of my life. My wish is for you to experience the same by listening to this podcast and engaging with the content. 

Path to Pleasure

So, are you ready to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and pleasure? Join me on the path to pleasure by subscribing to the Tantric Sex for Lovers and Others podcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, or any other platform where you listen to your podcasts.

The trailer

The trailer is embedded here to give you a better insight into what to expect. And if you like what you hear, please give me a review! That way those algorithms will make this podcast available to bigger audiences too. Subscribe now and explore the world of Tantra!

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Connect with me

You can reach out to me with questions or for personal guidance through my social media channels. The links are at the bottom of the page.

Here's the teaser again on YouTube!

See you on the Path to Pleasure!

Anne x

Start your own Path to Pleasure

Here's a list of things to do to start your own Path to Pleasure:

  • Actually, do less and be more! You are a human BEING, not human doing...

  • Tune into inside - not outside

  • Feel into your body to get clarity what feels pleasurable to you

  • Ask yourself: what would feel the most juicy and delicious for me right now?

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Are you curious about Tantra? Do you feel your sex life could and should be better, or even sacred?

If yes, then join me, Anne Bland, your Tantric Sex and Relationship Coach on this open and honest, unedited journey in the world of Tantra and Tantric Sex. I will also be inviting some beautiful souls to come and discuss what role Tantra plays in their lives and what we can all learn from it.

Even though I love talking, I also believe that transformation happens through practice. Yes, Tantric Sex is a practice as well as a philosophy, and can be done regardless of what your relationship status is or how you identify yourself sexually. Your age and background won’t matter either if you truly want to experience Tantra. So, I’ll be sharing some Tantric Tips and Treats in these episodes so I invite you to subscribe now on Spotify and Apple Podcast so you won’t miss any of these juicy and hopefully fun episodes (#sexisserious).

See you on the path to pleasure!


(6 min.)

Imagine feeling more pleasure and connection in your life than you ever thought possible!

That’s the Tantric way of life. If you are curious beyond the usual popular Tantric stories such as ‘how come Sting can last without ejaculation for hours’ or ‘what an earth does Gwyneth Paltrow do with that egg in her vagina’, this is the show for you, and I invite you to subscribe right now so you won’t miss any of these delicious and brutally honest, unedited episodes.

The first time I learned about Tantra was when I was 22 and living in France. It was a TV documentary about people all over the world who were practicing Tantra as a way of life and also having Tantric Sex. It blew my mind! And my whole body went through waves of shock and energy that I couldn’t explain – it felt like I’d stumbled over something extremely important, vital and very impactful. It felt sooo true to me!

But you know how life takes over… My then partner just laughed the whole idea off refusing to explore Tantra with the view that why change something that already works. Only many years after I realised that - actually, it didn’t work for me. Not at all.

And the life goes on. Children, marriage, work, moving countries, business, politics, divorce… whilst having those important life events were 100% active in my daily life, on the background something else was also happening. And this podcast is about that journey. It is also your journey if you so wish.

There is so much more to life than just going through the daily motions. There’s that craving for something deeper, something more meaningful. And being tired of feeling disconnected from yourself and others, not having energy to be fully present, to feel ALIVE.

So, this is also an invitation to explore the world of Tantra. There are many schools of thought, and this podcast is just one of them. You decide what feels good and true to you – don’t take my words, or anyone else’s for that matter, or experiences, without discernment. The Tantric Journey is always a personal one but there are some common elements to it.

For instance, through the practice of Tantra, I discovered the power of breath, the importance of orgasms, the sacredness of sexuality, the healing power of touch, and how to cultivate ecstasy/pleasure in all areas of my life. And then there’s the philosophy of Tantra that has shaped my world view profoundly.

My name is Anne Bland, I’m your Tantric Sex and Relationship Coach, a public speaker, and the Selfishly Happy World Co-Creator. My deepest desire is to inspire more pleasure in the world, and I am here to tell you that that includes you too if you so choose.

I want to share everything I've learned with you, so you too can discover the path to greater pleasure and connection in your life. Every now and then, I will be joined by a panel of beautiful souls to discuss honestly and openly what comes up for us on this Tantric Journey and to share Tantric Tips and Treats with you.

This podcast is for you regardless of your age and background or how you identify yourself sexually or what relationship status you have. It is for you if you are ready to explore your sensuality, sexuality, and spirituality through Tantra and Tantric Sex and are willing to unleash your full potential.

Are you ready to embark on your own journey of self-discovery and pleasure? Subscribe to the "Tantric Sex for Lovers and Others" which is available now for example on www.selfishlyhappyyou.com/podcast and on Apple Podcast and Spotify.

In the next two episodes, I will start the discussion about the basics – what is Tantra!

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Anne Bland

Anne Bland is an international Tantric Sex and Relationship Coach with 17 years of experience working with men, women and couples and she is specialising in Breathwork. She is the founder of the Selfishly Happy Revolution and the host of the Tantric Sex for Lovers and Others Podcast.

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