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Path to Pleasure!

Anne Bland's Tantric Pleasure Quest  with Sexual Transmutation


Learn 7 Holistic Tantric Sex Tools

This Pleasure Quest will help you to take the first steps towards:

1. Mastering holistic, Tantric sex tools

2. Becoming a multi-orgasmic and full-body orgasmic person regardless of your gender

3. Lasting longer during self-pleasure and sex and going deeper into your pleasure and bliss

4. Creating a connection between your sex, love, and consciousness - and eventually, with others!

After this practical Pleasure Quest, you'll become:

- more self-confident and powerful

- a way more happier and calmer

- you'll have much more energy

It's like having LOVE and ENERGY on a tap!

During this Pleasure Quest you'll learn Tantric Solo Sex by DOING to then take your skills to your relationships and loverships.

The best thing is, that once you've learned these tools, they are with you always - and they are FREE.

In this Seven-Day Pleasure Quest, You'll Get:

- a login to the Selfishly Happy Portal

- an app for your phone

- a private podcast

- an introductory video of the day's practice

- daily practice audios

- a community group

- a life-time access for the updates as long as it's running

- a BONUS 30-minute practice audio on the 8th day:


Tha waiting lists for the Female and Male Pleasure Quests are open.

Myth Busting

Myth Busting

1. "Tantra means having sex with many partners."

No. Tantra always starts within YOU.

It's like an inner technology of creating energy, bliss and vibrancy within you.

Besides, you're in charge with whom you practice Tantra or don't.

2. "Tantra takes a lot of time."

No. You can also have a Tantric "Quickie"!

It's all about having a MINDFUL practice and using these Tantric sex tools.

These practices are only 10-20 minutes long, and before you know it,

you'll be free-styling and making your own Pleasure Practices!

"Tantra doesn't exclude or judge anything - it transforms everything."

What Do Others Say?

What Do Others Say?

“I’d never self-pleasured before... But, now I don’t need to outsource my pleasure to a man ever again! Thank you, Anne!!” Amanda Tonna, Malta

“I realised that I could change how I felt, thought, and lived." Martin H, UK

"The results were dramatic! I’ve learned to connect my cock to my heart and appreciate deeper relationships.” Tim Oshodi, UK

"We feel connected to each other again and there's more honesty, love and intimacy than ever before." Maarit & Markku, Finland

Manifest Your Desires

Learn Sexual Transmutation

Manifest Your Desires - Learn Sexual Transmutation!

A BONUS Sexual Transmutation practice on Pleasure Quest

On the 8th day, I'll be sending you something really special.

It's a 30-minute BONUS audio where you'll be putting all of these seven sex tools together and learn

how to manifest your dreams and desires.

This sacred Tantric practice is about Sexual Transmutation (as talked about by Napoleon Hill in his book "Think and Grow Rich"), the true "secret sauce" of living an authentic and fulfilling life! Or you may know it as Microcosmic Orbit... ;)

Welcome to your Pleasure Quest!

Hi, I'm Anne!

Anne Bland the creator of Tantric Pleasure Quest

For over 17 years, I've guided people through deep,

yet gentle, transformations and have worked with

hundreds of clients around the world.

I'm a certified coach in:

- Tantric Sex

- Men's Sexualiy

- Love, Sex, and Relationships

- Breathwork

My mission is to inspire more

pleasure, happiness, and peace in the world.

With love,


Your Selfishly Happy World Co-Creator

NB. The Pleasure Quest is designed to give differently organised bodies a speacialised guidance. I celebrate diversity and individuality and my desire is to be inclusive. I own up to the fact that my personal experience and understanding of gender identities and fluidity is limited and still developing. Do contact me if you have suggestions about how to make my work more inclusive: Thank you.

For this Pleasure Quest, I'd invite penis-owned people to join the Male Quest and the pussy-owned people the Female Quest. I will be referring to body parts in the guided meditations. Tantric energy and magnetic centres are also aligned based on genitalia parts.

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DISCLAIMER: Please note that you need to contact your medical doctor if you have health or mental health problems or if you are concerned about Tantra or breathwork. Anne Bland is not a medical practitioner, nor a psychotherapist, and this resource is for education and entertainment.