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What Is Tantra? 

What Is Tantra? 

What is Tantra? Would you like your sex life to be better or even sacred? You can through learning Tantra. in this post, Anne Bland shares the basics of Tantra from her perspective and invites you to ... ...more


November 18, 202315 min read

Tantric Path to Pleasure

Tantric Path to Pleasure

Would you like to have more pleasure, happiness, and peace in your life? Join me on my podcast called Tantric Sex for Lovers and Others on a Path to Pleasure! ...more


August 12, 20237 min read

Join me, Anne Bland, your Tantric Sex and Relationship Coach, public speaker, and the self-appointed leader of

“Selfishly Happy Revolution,” as I openly and whole-heartedly discuss my own Tantric Journey, share Tantric Tips, and invite others on the podcast.

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